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Monthly Archives: June 2016

About Depression

The term wretchedness alludes to a sentiment pity which everybody encounters sooner or later or other. In any case, clinical sorrow or real depressive issue is a disposition issue where a man experiences sentiment extraordinary trouble or despondency joined by low self regard and withdrawal from typically agreeable exercises. It might even prompt self-destructive inclinations. Gloom might be brought on by a mix of hereditary and natural variables and are regularly seen in mix with other disposition issue like uneasiness, ADHD and post traumatic push issue. Treatment frequently incorporates sedates and in addition guiding and psychological behavioral treatment. In the event that somebody around you is discouraged, it is imperative to loan a thoughtful and loving hand keeping in mind the end goal to help him battle the circumstance.

Depression or major depressive disorder (MDD) is described as a mood disorder in which a person feels sad, blue and down. The intensity of the feeling may vary. They fail to enjoy or take interest in normal enjoyable activities. They may feel that life is not worth living and in extreme cases, may develop suicidal tendencies. Some people are efficient at masking the signs of depression. They appear a little too happy, full of energy and jumping from one subject to another. Others use alcohol or drugs to fight the symptoms of depression.

It is estimated by United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 121 million people in the world suffer from clinical depression and Americans constitute 30% to 36% of that number. More than 80% of depressed people are currently living without any treatment. Recent data shows that number of diagnosed cases of depression is increasing by 20% every year. A depressed person incurs twice the amount of health related expenses as compared to a person of comparative health not suffering from depression. All these data clearly show that depression is actually a serious condition that needs immediate attention.

# Causes of depression

Several theories try to explain the causes of depression. These are as follows:

  • Slavich in 2004 theorized that depression may be brought about when stressful life events activate a preexisting vulnerability.
  • In a Swedish study by Kendlar et al in 2006, depression was found to be linked with genetic differences ranging from 30% in women to 40% in men.
  • Depression can be caused as side effects of certain drugs like steroids.
  • A hyperactive Hypothalamus Pituitary adrenal axis (HPA) can simulate the symptoms of stress leading to depression.
  • Poverty, social isolation, alcohol and drug abuse increases the risk of depression.
  • According to the Attachment theory developed by Bowlby in 1960s, negative relationship with caregiver in early phase of life may later lead to the development of depression.

# Symptoms of depression

Some of the common symptoms of depression are as follows:

  1. Unexplained feeling of sadness and dejection
  2. Agitation, irritability and anger
  3. Difficulty in concentration
  4. Fatigue
  5. Nausea
  6. Feeling of hopelessness
  7. Atypical eating and sleeping behavior
  8. Loss of interest in activities once thought to be pleasurable
  9. Thoughts of suicide
  10. In extreme cases hallucinations or delusions may develop

# Treatment of depression

Clinical depression is a sickness, not a choice. It cannot be solved with a simple buck-up speech. Some of the following treatments are used for depression:

  1. Medications are used to treat depression. They are quite effective in severe cases, but not very useful in mild cases. selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) are mostly prescribed.
  2. Psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy with the help of support groups, counselors and mental health professionals have been found to be useful.
  3. In case of severe major depression where the above methods have failed to produce satisfactory results, electroconvulsive therapy may be used. Pulses of electricity are send to the brain of the depressed person under general anesthesia. This method is also used to treat emergencies when the person has stopped eating or talking or is severely suicidal. The downside of the method is that it has high rate of relapse within the first six months after the treatment.

In addition to the above, several natural methods have been prescribed to treat depression. These are as follows:

  • Regular exercise
  • Exposure to regular doses of sunlight can be especially effective in dealing with seasonal depression
  • Maintaining a routine though it may seem hopeless and moot
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Take on responsibilities and challenges
  • Try new activities which can trigger chemical changes in the brain
  • Modify your diet to include plenty of vitamin B6, Magnesium, folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Stick to a strictly regulated sleep pattern

# How to handle a depressed person

If someone around you is depressed, the worst thing that you can do is to ignore the problem or joke it away. This makes the person feel more insignificant and misunderstood and in teens and young adults, it can even trigger suicidal tendencies. The best way to handle a depressed person is to lend a willing and sympathetic ear and listen to his problems even if they do not make much sense to you. A hug or a simple “I am there for you” can work wonders. Love and affection are best ways to approach depression. But if you find the person to be suicidal, it may become necessary to arrange for hospitalization.

Dealing with a depressed person is not easy. Remember to maintain your own mental equilibrium. Simply transferring the stress from him to you is not the best solution.

Healthy Eyes Tips

healthy-eyesOne of the choicest endowments of God, controlling us to the light of this magnificently made world is our vision. Vision thusly is encouraged by the gently confined sense organ of eyes. The eyes accept position of prime significance o by changing over light into proper jolt with the goal that vision is empowered. Vision or sight with its fundamental significance with regards to typical presence, involves a very much planned regimen so eyes being at the point of convergence of vision is dealt with.

Regardless of age, dangers of vision debility or impedance can be checked and potentially anticipated with due adherence to the crucial aspects of eye social insurance. On the off chance that we examine the causes prompting fractional or finish vision hindrance, one of the disturbing reasons for visual debilitation might be credited to the carelessness of refractive mistakes.

Refractive Errors leading to short or long sightedness can be duly cured with suitable lenses or glasses. But inattention leading to negligence aggravates errors caused by faulty refractive index leading one to a situation of dire unproductivity and that of blindness. Thus with an objective geared to eye health one should avail of the requisite eye care service so that possible flaws can be corrected before it acquires an alarming dimension. Particularly after the age of forty, it is imperative that ophthalmologists are consulted at least once or twice in a year. Even school going children should be made available for health oriented programmers on eyes so that vision related problems can be nipped in its bud.

Going by the maxim that prevention is better than cure, diet occupies a pivotal role in respect of eye health. Balanced diet and diet rich in anti oxidants are necessary for maintaining the health and luster of eyes. Lack of antioxidant and diet rich in fat content contribute to the thickening of blood vessel, impairing its flow. Consequently, shortage of blood supply in the macular vessel will only trigger its degeneration. In this regard diet rich in Vitamin A and that in antioxidants will definitely act as preventive measures.

Lycopene is held as one of the most beneficial antioxidants in this regard. Diet rich in fiber content such as tomato, carrot, spinach not only adds a touch of glow to the skin, but also enhances the power of sight. Sometimes requisite supplements in Vitamin A & E can also help in recuperating situations of glaucoma and other forms of degenerations. Besides carrot with its Beta Carotene content, nutritional sources rich in Vitamin A and Lutein can tremendously boost ocular health and performance, making him potentially capacitate against threatening conditions of cataract and gradual degeneration. Green tea may also be recommended as a promising booster with its ‘catechin’ content.

# Eye Health for Computer Professionals

In the modern techno savvy world eye happens to be the most strained organ with constant exposure to different sources of visual stress. If your kind of work calls for long hours before monitor, you should ensure that the room is moderately lit.

Though the work area should be well lit up, glaringly bright sources of light should be kept away. Paper work to be read on monitors should be ensured a comfortable distance. At least angular distance of fifteen degrees should be ensured so that the eyes are not excessively strained. Size of the font should be duly adjusted so that there is no extra strain on part of your eyes. One of the most viable options to inhibit rays and radiations reaching your eyes is to go for glass filter cover on monitors. Splashing water on strained is an easy way out, whereby you can ensure it the required moisture and cool. Exposing eyes to dimly flickering pictures, be it on T.V screen or that of a digital monitor should be avoided. Lenses ensuring anti reflection protection may be resorted to for long hours of work involving monitor and video screen.

One of the most damaging causes from the point of view of eye health is ultra violet rays of sun. In case of one’s over exposure to ultra violet ray proper sun protection must be ensured in form of anti glares and umbrella. The harmful ultra violet rays can also lead to gradual retinal degeneration. Sunglasses with tinges of gray and green or black and gray can safeguard your eyes from the malefic distortion of u-v rays. Intermediary lenses which change over to black should be cleared up indoors as they are prone to picking up harmful ultra violet content of the indoor lighting with fluorescence.

For those using specks or lenses, ill adjusted specks can be disastrously harmful from the perspective of optical health. Even contact lenses subject to constant use are in need for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Those with lenses should be doubly careful with regard to the use of eye drops.

Last but not the least, to relax your strained set of eyes a brief exercise regimen with circular, longitudinal and long stretching of eye muscle will be refreshingly revitalizing. Slices of cool cucumber placed on fatigued eyes can help overcome the effects of prolonged strain.

Home Remedies For Cough

Defilement and aggravation of cells coating the respiratory tract prompts hacking. Bodily fluid discharging cells covering the lung’s air section are helpless to overabundance bodily fluid emission on being polluted or tainted. The expanded bodily fluid discharge causes aggravation noticeable all around section which thus offers approach to hacking. By method for hacking, the abundance measure of bodily fluid discharged is discharged.

Created by virtue of disease prompting aggravation of pharynx, or larynx; defilement of the bronchial tubes by remote waste is additionally one of its causes. Hack may likewise show itself as an unfavorably susceptible response to clean, dust grains and smoking. To characterize logically hacking is a reflexive response brought about by the incitement of tactile nerves covering the respiratory tract.

The treatment of cough which may be either dry or phlegm based should ideally aim at curing its original cause; but in addition to the course of treatment resorted to certain natural home based remedies may prove to be effective as well.

  • Lemon tea with a dash of ginger may prove to be one of the easiest home based remedies for curing prolonged spells of cough. The medicinal properties of ginger suppress various respiratory ailments like common cough and cold. With its soothing element, it helps to keep the body well hydrated which acts as an antidote to coughing. The ascorbic acid contained in lemon helps to neutralize the phlegm content of coughing. The tea leaves may be boiled with juice of grated ginger being added to it. Thereafter juice of lime may be added on to it to be sipped piping hot.
  • Honey with its analgesic (pain killing) properties is also known since time immemorial for its soothingly refreshing effects on patients down with cough. One tea spoon of honey may be added to any hot beverage like tea or milk to be drunk at regular intervals. But honey works wonders if blended with hot water and lemon. Lemon juice may be mixed with honey in proportion of one is to two. The resulting mixture may be mixed with little hot water so that you can have one to two tea spoons of it at least after every hour. The resulting mixture will not only help clear mucus but it will also keep your throat well soothed.
  • Honey acts as a topical anti biotic suppressing the bacterial causes of cough. If one is prone to the disgusting phenomena of night coughing two tea spoons of raw honey taken after dinner will work significantly towards reducing cough.
  • A spoonful of natural honey may be enriched with black pepper to be had twice a day.
  • If you are unable to take raw honey, you may add two spoons of it to a glass of carrot juice. Dilute the juice of four to five carrots with water. Drink the concoction at least thrice a day to soothe yourself from cough.
  • Two spoons of honey may be added to a glass full of aloe vera juice purchased from a pharmacist’s. The said concoction helps drastically in reducing dry cough.
  • Inhaling steam will give you a refreshing feeling aiding the release of mucus in the affected passage. Thus it is one of the most scientific processes helping one in the recovery of throat. Inhaling vapor accompanied by sipping the concoction of lime, water and honey will prove to be doubly effective.
  • Including grapes in your diet also ensures redemption from cough, because the expectorant nature of grapes helps not only in toning the lungs but also activates the release of mucus from the affected parts of respiratory organs. In cases of cough being triggered on by asthma, grapes play a beneficial role in the healing process with its enriched phytochemical contents. Grape juice with a spoonful of honey will be relieving and effective as well.
  • Gurgling in salt water always proves to be beneficial in offering relief to an infected or an itchy throat aggravated by coughing. But for an effective change one may resort to gurgling in spinach juice after extracting and warming the same with a dash of salt.
  • Herbal tea enriched with basil and aniseed may turn out to be soothingly effective as a homemade remedy for sore throat.
  • Nutritionally resourceful almonds also play a proactive role in the healing of cough. Paste made out of soaked almonds can be had with a touch of butter for relief from cough.
  • Another medicinal herb in turmeric is also known for its therapeutic effect on cough particularly the dry one. After roasting and powdering of its root, the powder can be had at least twice a day after being duly combined with water and honey.
  • A sauce of raisin, water and sugar or honey may be prepared and preserved at home for serving as a homemade expectorant against cough. Equal measures of raisin and sugar/honey may be boiled in water until it acquires a sauce like consistency. Two table spoons taken daily will help to cure cough.