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Category Archives: Health

Healthy Eyes Tips

healthy-eyesOne of the choicest endowments of God, controlling us to the light of this magnificently made world is our vision. Vision thusly is encouraged by the gently confined sense organ of eyes. The eyes accept position of prime significance o by changing over light into proper jolt with the goal that vision is empowered. Vision or sight with its fundamental significance with regards to typical presence, involves a very much planned regimen so eyes being at the point of convergence of vision is dealt with.

Regardless of age, dangers of vision debility or impedance can be checked and potentially anticipated with due adherence to the crucial aspects of eye social insurance. On the off chance that we examine the causes prompting fractional or finish vision hindrance, one of the disturbing reasons for visual debilitation might be credited to the carelessness of refractive mistakes.

Refractive Errors leading to short or long sightedness can be duly cured with suitable lenses or glasses. But inattention leading to negligence aggravates errors caused by faulty refractive index leading one to a situation of dire unproductivity and that of blindness. Thus with an objective geared to eye health one should avail of the requisite eye care service so that possible flaws can be corrected before it acquires an alarming dimension. Particularly after the age of forty, it is imperative that ophthalmologists are consulted at least once or twice in a year. Even school going children should be made available for health oriented programmers on eyes so that vision related problems can be nipped in its bud.

Going by the maxim that prevention is better than cure, diet occupies a pivotal role in respect of eye health. Balanced diet and diet rich in anti oxidants are necessary for maintaining the health and luster of eyes. Lack of antioxidant and diet rich in fat content contribute to the thickening of blood vessel, impairing its flow. Consequently, shortage of blood supply in the macular vessel will only trigger its degeneration. In this regard diet rich in Vitamin A and that in antioxidants will definitely act as preventive measures.

Lycopene is held as one of the most beneficial antioxidants in this regard. Diet rich in fiber content such as tomato, carrot, spinach not only adds a touch of glow to the skin, but also enhances the power of sight. Sometimes requisite supplements in Vitamin A & E can also help in recuperating situations of glaucoma and other forms of degenerations. Besides carrot with its Beta Carotene content, nutritional sources rich in Vitamin A and Lutein can tremendously boost ocular health and performance, making him potentially capacitate against threatening conditions of cataract and gradual degeneration. Green tea may also be recommended as a promising booster with its ‘catechin’ content.

# Eye Health for Computer Professionals

In the modern techno savvy world eye happens to be the most strained organ with constant exposure to different sources of visual stress. If your kind of work calls for long hours before monitor, you should ensure that the room is moderately lit.

Though the work area should be well lit up, glaringly bright sources of light should be kept away. Paper work to be read on monitors should be ensured a comfortable distance. At least angular distance of fifteen degrees should be ensured so that the eyes are not excessively strained. Size of the font should be duly adjusted so that there is no extra strain on part of your eyes. One of the most viable options to inhibit rays and radiations reaching your eyes is to go for glass filter cover on monitors. Splashing water on strained is an easy way out, whereby you can ensure it the required moisture and cool. Exposing eyes to dimly flickering pictures, be it on T.V screen or that of a digital monitor should be avoided. Lenses ensuring anti reflection protection may be resorted to for long hours of work involving monitor and video screen.

One of the most damaging causes from the point of view of eye health is ultra violet rays of sun. In case of one’s over exposure to ultra violet ray proper sun protection must be ensured in form of anti glares and umbrella. The harmful ultra violet rays can also lead to gradual retinal degeneration. Sunglasses with tinges of gray and green or black and gray can safeguard your eyes from the malefic distortion of u-v rays. Intermediary lenses which change over to black should be cleared up indoors as they are prone to picking up harmful ultra violet content of the indoor lighting with fluorescence.

For those using specks or lenses, ill adjusted specks can be disastrously harmful from the perspective of optical health. Even contact lenses subject to constant use are in need for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Those with lenses should be doubly careful with regard to the use of eye drops.

Last but not the least, to relax your strained set of eyes a brief exercise regimen with circular, longitudinal and long stretching of eye muscle will be refreshingly revitalizing. Slices of cool cucumber placed on fatigued eyes can help overcome the effects of prolonged strain.

Home Remedies For Cough

Defilement and aggravation of cells coating the respiratory tract prompts hacking. Bodily fluid discharging cells covering the lung’s air section are helpless to overabundance bodily fluid emission on being polluted or tainted. The expanded bodily fluid discharge causes aggravation noticeable all around section which thus offers approach to hacking. By method for hacking, the abundance measure of bodily fluid discharged is discharged.

Created by virtue of disease prompting aggravation of pharynx, or larynx; defilement of the bronchial tubes by remote waste is additionally one of its causes. Hack may likewise show itself as an unfavorably susceptible response to clean, dust grains and smoking. To characterize logically hacking is a reflexive response brought about by the incitement of tactile nerves covering the respiratory tract.

The treatment of cough which may be either dry or phlegm based should ideally aim at curing its original cause; but in addition to the course of treatment resorted to certain natural home based remedies may prove to be effective as well.

  • Lemon tea with a dash of ginger may prove to be one of the easiest home based remedies for curing prolonged spells of cough. The medicinal properties of ginger suppress various respiratory ailments like common cough and cold. With its soothing element, it helps to keep the body well hydrated which acts as an antidote to coughing. The ascorbic acid contained in lemon helps to neutralize the phlegm content of coughing. The tea leaves may be boiled with juice of grated ginger being added to it. Thereafter juice of lime may be added on to it to be sipped piping hot.
  • Honey with its analgesic (pain killing) properties is also known since time immemorial for its soothingly refreshing effects on patients down with cough. One tea spoon of honey may be added to any hot beverage like tea or milk to be drunk at regular intervals. But honey works wonders if blended with hot water and lemon. Lemon juice may be mixed with honey in proportion of one is to two. The resulting mixture may be mixed with little hot water so that you can have one to two tea spoons of it at least after every hour. The resulting mixture will not only help clear mucus but it will also keep your throat well soothed.
  • Honey acts as a topical anti biotic suppressing the bacterial causes of cough. If one is prone to the disgusting phenomena of night coughing two tea spoons of raw honey taken after dinner will work significantly towards reducing cough.
  • A spoonful of natural honey may be enriched with black pepper to be had twice a day.
  • If you are unable to take raw honey, you may add two spoons of it to a glass of carrot juice. Dilute the juice of four to five carrots with water. Drink the concoction at least thrice a day to soothe yourself from cough.
  • Two spoons of honey may be added to a glass full of aloe vera juice purchased from a pharmacist’s. The said concoction helps drastically in reducing dry cough.
  • Inhaling steam will give you a refreshing feeling aiding the release of mucus in the affected passage. Thus it is one of the most scientific processes helping one in the recovery of throat. Inhaling vapor accompanied by sipping the concoction of lime, water and honey will prove to be doubly effective.
  • Including grapes in your diet also ensures redemption from cough, because the expectorant nature of grapes helps not only in toning the lungs but also activates the release of mucus from the affected parts of respiratory organs. In cases of cough being triggered on by asthma, grapes play a beneficial role in the healing process with its enriched phytochemical contents. Grape juice with a spoonful of honey will be relieving and effective as well.
  • Gurgling in salt water always proves to be beneficial in offering relief to an infected or an itchy throat aggravated by coughing. But for an effective change one may resort to gurgling in spinach juice after extracting and warming the same with a dash of salt.
  • Herbal tea enriched with basil and aniseed may turn out to be soothingly effective as a homemade remedy for sore throat.
  • Nutritionally resourceful almonds also play a proactive role in the healing of cough. Paste made out of soaked almonds can be had with a touch of butter for relief from cough.
  • Another medicinal herb in turmeric is also known for its therapeutic effect on cough particularly the dry one. After roasting and powdering of its root, the powder can be had at least twice a day after being duly combined with water and honey.
  • A sauce of raisin, water and sugar or honey may be prepared and preserved at home for serving as a homemade expectorant against cough. Equal measures of raisin and sugar/honey may be boiled in water until it acquires a sauce like consistency. Two table spoons taken daily will help to cure cough.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore throat is one of the side effects showing as a consequence of throat contaminated by strepto coccus infection. It might likewise be the aftereffect of viral contamination of “influenza” or that of irritation created in pharynx and larynx. Indeed, even seepage of sinus may prompt sore throat. Sore throat might be joined by fever, running nose and now and then a blocked nose.

Among the common home solutions for sore throat, there are numerous which are like the ones recommended for strep throat; yet a couple which are diverse are plot underneath.

# Analgesic sprays are effective in alleviating the painfulness which occurs as one of the most common symptoms in sore throat. But the relief is temporary in nature.

# Nasal sprays to counteract a blocked nose can prove to be an effective option.

# A warm concoction of lemon juice honey and luke warm water may be drunk regularly to counteract the effects of sore throat. It helps significantly in providing a soothing sensation. Moreover lemon juice with its high Vitamin C content helps to counter the conditions of cold and flu.

# Tea with grated ginger may also prove to be soothingly nourishing and refreshing.

# Besides gurgling in salted water, gurgling in water enriched by spoonful of cider vinegar may also be resorted to as a natural homemade remedy.

# Myrrh with its antiseptic and anti inflammatory qualities serves as an excellent natural option in doing away with congestion occurring as a result of sore throat.

# Another commonly available herb in horseradish helps counteract sore throat and fever that may occur along with it.

# Three to four drops of garlic added to half or one fourth cup of water may be drunk once to counteract the problem of swallowing in sore throat.

# Coughing accompanying sore throat may be alleviated by boiling two to three cloves in water. The resulting warm mixture may be used for gurgling to ease coughing and associated discomforts.

# Homemade syrup of honey and onion is another effective option to combat coughing and painful conditions. Slices of white onion may be covered with honey and kept overnight. Taking one table spoon of the accumulated syrup at least thrice a day after due straining serves to ease pain and cough. Onion and honey with its immune enhancing property helps to control the associated symptoms.

Home Remedies for Toothache

All of the general population of the world have encountered a toothache be it amid his developing years or amid his seniority. We are all apprehensive of this fiendish torment that bothers and torments us for a significant long time. Toothache ranges from mellow to less serious. In any case, what causes toothache? Toothache is the torment of the teeth or in and around it. A toothache can be brought about by different conditions like the dental hole, break in the tooth, and infection of the gum or turmoil in the joint of the jaw. The agony is an increased when the teeth interact with excessively hot or excessively cool sustenance or water. Presently we as a whole fear a dental practitioner and particularly his unnerving instruments so is there any approach to abstain from heading off to a dental specialist? Well the characteristic cures are close by.

Given below are natural treatments for toothache. These are very effective home remedies for toothache and it provides immediate relief for toothache.

  • Ice massage – amazing though it might seem massaging the area in the middle of the forefinger and the thumb gently and for few minutes is an effective remedy for toothache. This acts as a nerve blocker and an anesthetic agent.
  • The oil of Oregano is again effective remedy against toothache – the antimicrobial property in oregano helps cure toothache as well as tooth decay.
  • Common salt – a simple mouth wash using common salt is a very effective remedy against toothache. Thorough and proper rinsing of the complete mouth is essential.
  • Liquor as a remedy against tooth ache – sock a wad of cotton wool in brandy and place it on the affected tooth. Gum can also be numbed with a hurried swallow of whisky after it has been held in the mouth for some times.
  • A triphala and Cyprus decoction can be used for gargling to reduce severe toothache.
  • A mixture of honey and ghee when applied on the affected area does the wonder of reducing toothache.
  • Chewing the root of the rosebay of the east Indian type also reduces toothache.
  • Munching of the leafy green vegetables does wonders in toothache. If continued daily it prevents toothache also.
  • Garlic as a remedy for toothache – garlic is called the elixir of the world and among its vast benefits the toothache reducing or curing property is laudable. A clove of garlic and rock salt placed on the area affected is beneficial. One clove can also be internally consumed by chewing daily for strong denture.
  • Onion as a home remedy for toothache – the anti bacterial properties of the onion plays the vital role in reducing toothache. Consuming onion by chewing for at least three minutes is very effective in killing the germs in mouth that cause toothache. Placing a small sized onion on the affected area can cure toothache. Since it is rich in sodium vitamin E and vitamin B12 is also good to be included in daily diet.
  • Lime as a toothache remedy – The vitamin C in lime not only prevents tooth decay but also helps in controlling toothache. Caries, bleeding gums and even loose tooth can be cured by lime treatment. Consuming unpeeled lime is better option.
  • Amla or gooseberry as a toothache remedy – The vitamin C in goose berry not only prevents tooth decay but also helps in controlling toothache. Caries, bleeding gums and even loose tooth can be cured by Amla treatment.
  • Wheat grass treatment for toothache – The natural antibiotic agents contained in wheat grass helps fight tooth ache and decay. It protects against attack of bacteria and infections. About three inch wheat saplings can be crushed in a blender and then consumed or can be used as a mouth wash.
  • Asafoetida or Hing as toothache treatment – when asafoetida is grounded and added to lemon juice and thereafter slightly heated and applied on the affected area with a cotton swab which is there after placed in the cavity is a time tested remedy for toothache. Slightly fried asafoetida in clarified butter is also good.
  • Bay Berry remedy – a paste of the bark of the bay berry made with vinegar base is very effective. The paste is applied on the affected area to relieve tooth ache.
  • Clove – even a layman knows that this wonder condiment can relieve toothache quickly and effectively. The oil of clove applied on the cavity is anti septic also.
  • Pepper as a remedy for toothache – a quarter of a teaspoon of salt added to a pinch of pepper dust is an excellent remedy. It cures sensitive tooth, reduce gum bleeding, cures tooth aches and painful gums and the mouth hygiene in peak condition. Mixed with clove oil it can also be applied.

With all such natural remedies available at hand it will be quite foolish to take the help of allopathic cure and torture one’s body unnecessarily. Thus one must resort to natural cure for toothache first and then if required go for allopathic cure.

Know More about Yoga Types

There are a wide range of sorts of yoga and every one of them advantage an alternate class of individuals. When you say you do Yoga, you ought to likewise know about what sort of yoga you are doing, for at exactly that point will you have the capacity to make sense of the right advantages of all these yoga sorts and do the one that would suit your necessities the best. Here is a rundown of the greatest sorts of yoga – the ones you should think about.

# Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most seasoned sorts of yoga. This branch of yoga has been said in the Patanjali, a Sanskrit verse book. This kind of yoga has 8 branches, which is the reason it is called Ashtanga yoga. It incorporates procedures, for example, yoga positions, stances, breathing, focus on items, withdrawal of faculties, contemplation and so forth. The primary advantage of this sort of yoga is the way that it should decontaminate the body and the psyche in the meantime and it is prescribed for those individuals who are searching for a branch of yoga that would give them a chance to wind up physically and rationally fit also.

The stances and positions rehearsed under this sort of yoga must be done in various sets. There are six such sets. These sets should expand the warmth of the body, thus expel polluting influences from the body, which will in the long run prompt mental and otherworldly wellbeing.

The well- known sun salutations or the “Surya Namaskara” form a part of this type of yoga. This is how Ashtanga yoga has to be started, followed by the sets that the person is practicing at that point of time. The first stage of Ashtanga yoga is known as “Yoga Chikitsa” or Yoga Therapy. The second stage is known as Nadi Shodana or Nerve cleansing and the last stage is Stirah Bagah, which is steady strength. The new fad in yoga- Power Yoga is actually adapted from this kind of yoga. It is also one of the most popular yoga types right now.

# Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga relies extensively on postures and asanas for its benefit. In fact, the combination of the syllables ha and tha itself is supposed to awaken the two governing energies of life. Of all the types of yoga, this is the one that focuses on the need of advancing the life forces, energy, the chakra and the kundalini the most. Hatha Yoga is all about promoting the spiritual and mental well- being of a person. It consists of asana, that is followed by the six shatkarmas. Both these put together form the physical and mental detox. It also includes Pranayama, bandhas, which are spiritual awakening and energy revealing practices. Hatha yoga is done in combination, by combining all these practices.
The asanas are supposed to rid the body of diseases, following which one can focus on making the body and the mind fit. The shatkarmas aid in cleansing the body, so that none of the energy is restrained or kept back. The Pranayama helps in spiritual awakening, which would definitely help a person lead a healthier and happier life, mentally and emotionally. However, it is suggested that people practice Pranayama only while under the guidance of a guru or a teacher.

# Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga is the type of yoga that is practiced through the chanting of mantras. Thousands of mantras exist and it is believed that the vibrations released by these mantras can really help a person achieve their dreams and even cure diseases. What mantra yoga focuses on is learning these mantras in the right way. These mantras are believed to have a lot of power and it will not do for people to just chant them any way they want. Some guidance is required in this sphere, to practice this branch of yoga in an effective manner. Practice of mantra yoga requires some items as well- such as incense sticks, rosaries, etc. There are two ways in which the mantras in this type of yoga are divided.

  • Tantric Mantra : Thousands of Tantric mantras exist and these are the mantras that people can use to attract wealth, health, money, success, etc. for themselves. But these mantras have a lot of restrictions on them, because of the power they have. It is suggested that people learn the Tantric mantras only with the guidance and help of a guru.
  • Pouranic mantra : These are simpler mantras that can be practiced by people without any guidance. These are basic mantras that are used for salvation and better emotional life of the people.

# Bhakti Yoga

This branch of yoga is based completely on faith and belief. While practicing yoga, it is generally suggested that the person place their faith and belief on some supreme power such as God or any higher consciousness. One of the most important prerequisite for doing this kind of yoga is to be actually interested in it and invested in it. People have to believe in this kind of yoga when they are doing it or the emotional flow and the energy derived from the yoga will not be beneficial at all. The biggest benefit of practicing Bhakti Yoga, out of all types of yoga is the fact that this can help cure a person’s mental and emotional problems in such a way that their relationships with other people can also be improved.

Emotional benefit is something one can gain from all branches of yoga, but with Bhakti yoga, it is different. One can reduce the attachment they have with any negative entities with the help of these kinds of yoga. They can also prevent any excess ego, fickleness or any negative emotion or character trait, because the meditator or the yoga practitioner is relating themselves to a higher power, which will cause realization and inner peace as well.

# Jnana Yoga

This kind of yoga is something related to the knowledge and the wisdom derived from practicing yoga. It is the tradition that is used to achieve meditative strength and wisdom as well. In Jnana yoga, a person derives his knowledge and his awareness through meditation. Meditation will help the person introspect and find rational answers to all questions that plague the body and mind. Of course, Jnana Yoga can be practiced by people alone or with the help of a guru. The basic goals that this branch of yoga wishes to achieve is the experience of knowledge, developing wisdom and inner peace, realizing the truth and one’s own nature and self- awareness. There is no need for any materials or things to practice this kind of yoga, for it is almost entirely about the mind and the soul.

# Kriya Yoga

This type of yoga focuses on bodily activities or physical activities. It’s main intention is also to achieve inner peace and realization, but it does not really do much to calm mental tension or issues. Kriya yoga is a kind of yoga that would help people maintain some amount of physical fitness or even lose weight.
There are around 70 kriyas that are a part of this kind of yoga, but only 20 of them are commonly known and practiced by people- for they are the ones that are the easier ones. Pranayama is a popular part of this yoga as well. This is not really a popular kind of yoga, even though there are mentions of it in Puranic texts. It has been revived recently and hopefully the revival is here to stay. People who are doing yoga for physical as well as mental and emotional fitness can combine this yoga with any other kind for the optimum benefit.

# Swara Yoga

This is also not a popular kind of yoga, but it is highly important. Swara, in Sanskrit means a sound or a note. Yoga means union. So the combination of Swara and Yoga depicts a cosmic consciousness through which people can learn how to control their breath and thus lead a better life. Yoga is based on the belief that if people learn how to breathe properly, half their problem will be solved. This is true to an extent- breathing exercises are a part of all branches of yoga. But this is a form of yoga that focuses primarily on the breathing and the manipulation of the swara through breathing. This type of yoga also ties people with the nature around them, so it is very vital in today’s world. Swara yoga is not tough to do and it can calm a person easily. It can also improve their concentration. People of all ages can indulge in these breathing exercises.

# Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most practiced branches of yoga. It deals with the psychic centers in the body or the “chakras” that are in all individuals. There are six such chakras in the body and Kundalini yoga hopes to reach all of them. Kundalini yoga believes that there are no other chakras in the body than the six main ones- the Sahasrara, Ajna, Visuddhi, Anahata, Manipura, Swadishtana and Mooladhara. These are the chakras that connect us to the realms of our mind and heighten our consciousness. The Kundalini yoga concept says that all these chakras can be awakened if there six centres are awakened through Pranayama, bandha, asanas, mudras etc. In fact, it is suggested that people practice this kind of yoga with some other branch of yoga- such as Mantra Yoga or Swara Yoga to get the most benefits.

# Kripalu Yoga

This is the yoga that deals with the consciousness. Of all the branches of yoga, this is the most relaxed one- it is there to make sure that people release all the emotional and spiritual blockages that are stopping them from achieving their goals. As a result of this, the main focus of this kind of yoga is not getting perfect stance or procedure, as in Ashtanga yoga, but it is getting the right kind of emotion. There are three stages in this kind of yoga- learning the postures and your body’s limits, holding these postures and developing awareness of one’s own self and body and the last stage is a meditative one in which the person learns how to shift from one posture to another fluidly, without disrupting their mental processes or thoughts.

# Raja Yoga

This is yoga that was initiated by the Sage Patanjali. This branch of yoga consists of eight stages, all prescribed by Patanjali. Raja Yoga is a yoga system that deals with the personality and the body. It deals in the practice of pranayama, asanas, yamas (restraint) etc. After the physical fitness of the body is achieved through asanas, this branch of yoga deals with mental and emotional benefits through pratyahara (Sensory withdrawal) and dharana (concentration). This is followed by dhyana (meditation) which finally leads to samadhi (or absorption with the universal conscience). This type of yoga is concerned with mental and physical well-being. It’s basis is the fact that humans will be able to achieve spiritual fitness or emotional fitness only after their body is devoid of diseases and has become fit.

These are the traditional kinds of yoga, the ones that have been in existence for a long time now. Of course, these are just the major branches of yoga. There are many other kinds of yoga that people do practice now- yoga that has been developed by new teachers and by western influences as well- such as Iyengar Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga etc. But all these new kinds of yoga have been influenced by the traditional kinds of yoga.