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Pros and Cons Detox Diets

The outline of the sample diets clearly show that they are not the easiest diet regimen to follow. So, before you embark on one, you need to know about the pros and cons of the detox diets:

The pros :

# Weight loss definitely occurs as evinced by a number of celebrities. If you are worried whether you are going to fit into a particular dress, then the most effective option is to follow one of these detox diets.

# As you cut off processed foods, alcohol and other addictive elements, they do have a positive impact on your health. Of course, the best results are seen when you completely eliminate these elements instead of reintroducing them in your diet after the program.

# Detox diets emphasize eating organic. This also helps to prevent harmful chemicals from entering your body.

# The toxins that have accumulated in your body from years of eating wrong are flushed out from your system leaving you feeling healthy and energetic.

# Your body system turns alkaline instead of acidic. Glowing skin, strong hair and nails and more efficient digestive system with no gas, indigestion or bloating are the main benefits of detox diets.

# Eating organic and less reliance on animal based foods has positive impact on the environment as well.

The cons :

# They are difficult to follow and many people leave before completing the regime.

# There is no scientific basis of any detoxification.

# As the metabolic rates are slowed down too much, when you go off the diet, you tend to regain the lost weight very fast and keep on adding more pounds.

# Organic fruits and veggies make these diets expensive.

# Your flexibility is hampered. These diets are difficult to follow if you lead a busy life.